Fayetteville, Arkansas original.

My name is Taylor Art and I've been ruining all my good shirts with grease and oil for over seven years.

Flow: an activity that consumes your mental and physical abilities to the point where you lose track of time, becoming meditative in the actions of the venture. Flow can be found in almost any activity; for me, it is in building, restoring, riding, and appreciating everything about motorcycles. Over the near decade since I first laid hands on a bike, my life has changed significantly. I graduated high school, then college, rode across the country on one of my bikes, made many new friends and ultimately found myself. The one constant through my adult life has been motorcycles. It hasn't been easy turning my flow into a career, but I can't see myself doing anything else with my life.

One-Up Moto Garage came about as an expression of my desire to improve in this trade. The goal is to give lost motorcycles a new life, and constantly one-up myself in doing so (I also inadvertently tend to build one-up motorcycles). Scroll down to see my favorite projects, and contact me if you're interested in my work.